Club West Island invaded! Wicac’s 19th Annual Squash Marathon


By Jim Morrison
It’s 6:45 p.m. and Dave Phillips cracks a perfect backhand length down the wall, ending the 19th annual squash marathon, Saturday April 25 at Le Club West Island, Beaconsfield.

The facility was alive with excitement as close to 70 players made their way through the front doors for a day of fun, games, making new friends, while making a difference to the community

An event of this magnitude requires much cooperation and promotion in making the day run as smooth as possible. We want to thank the following, and apologize if any are missed.
Christine Walker has been by our side the past 17 years. Her work behind the scenes with promotions, both written, and oral in house, and on social media is greatly appreciated. Our success derives from her affection towards the charity.
Julie Noel, and Mark Kaneb for allowing us the use of the club for all of our family and friends to enjoy the many facets of the facilities.

Dave has also been with us the past 17 years. His enormous talent is only supplanted by his heart, and we are grateful to have him as part of our family.

Anne-Christine Lajoie, and Joshua Schwartz, coaches of Squash Quebec junior teams bring their youth and enthusiasm, and take great pride with their presence.

The blitz tournament was a great success with 14 players of all levels, with handicaps playing rounds of 20 minutes. Main draw winner-Dwayne Filipchuck, Runner-Up: Joshua Schwartz-Consolation Winner-Jordan Devito, Runner-up-Jayem Nolan. James Fong did his usual great scouting providing the handicaps.  Special thanks to Eric Thibeault of Black Knight for the main draw prize.

The road to April 25 begins months earlier and we receive great support from Rainer Zimmermann, an original marathoner who coordinated the various publications, emails, and phone calls. Mike Morton, James, and Jayem for their email blasts.

Gord Singer was on site at the top of the morning, and didn’t stop snapping pictures until the end. Judy Knight also contributed mightily providing a library of memories.

Lisane Marchand who took time from her busy day to shave my head at the stroke of 5.

Scott Copeland, Brian Forsyth, and Lester Simpson who have played every one of our 19 editions. Your involvement is proof that what we do is important to community life.

Le Club West Island boasts an array of dynamic personalities which sets them apart from most. It is with great fortune playing for, and with such a group of wonderful friends who make a difference to their communities.

Our efforts allowed us to amass $2,500 for NOVA West Island, The West Island Palliative Care Center, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Rest up! Saturday April 23, 2016 year is tentatively set in celebrating our 20th year, as it all began on Saturday May 9, 1997.

Ladies and gents,
A pleasure and a privilege.


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