Up close and personal with 46-year-old Desjardins President, Guy Cormier


by Rhonda Massad

On Tuesday, September 27 at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, Desjardins sponsored an evening of networking for Young Professionals all to benefit the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation (LGHF).

Not only did the youth in our community get to hob knob and connect with their peers, they had the chance to chat up the youngest president ever appointed (April 2016) to Desjardins at the age of 46, Guy Cormier.

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“I am so happy to be with you for the second year in a row, firstly because when you partner with a charitable organization the format is usually a golf tournament or gala,” the West Island resident explained. “This fun a new format allows you to network with other young professionals. I like this event because it is important to take care of our institutions and organizations. We are lucky to be here tonight, healthy. But each and every one of us will need a hospital at some point and will be happy to be received with quality care and equipment. It is thanks to evenings like this that we can have an impact in our community.”

Cormier confirmed that the partnership with the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation is a very important one for Desjardins. He explained that the Foundation and Desjardins shared core values such as their involvement and support of the community.

“The second reason I like this event is that it lines up with Desjardins goal to engage and support young people in our community,” he said.
“Whether you know Desjardins well, have an account with us or are just getting to know us for the first time, Desjardins is open and welcoming to youth.”

The evening was hosted by another young professional, Shaun McMahon from The Beat 92.5. Tastings were from The Greasy Spoon andLe Richmond Marché Italien. McMahon and the team from Desjardins presented a cheque for more than $20,000 to Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director Heather Holmes.

“Events like these are made possible by partners like Desjardins which help to provide new and up to date equipment to the hospital and help LGHF continue to improve health care on the West Island,” Holmes explained. “The hospital opened its doors 52 years ago serving 50,000 people. Today the hospital serves 300,000 people each year. We have to grow and evolve with the community.”

Holmes invited everyone to donate just $5 to the foundation and invite two friends to do so.

“Every little bit helps and makes a difference. Together we can all take part in better health care,” she said.

To donate to LGHF visit www.lakeshorefoundation.ca