Clocks on Slot Machines: Macau Casinos Ordered to Retrofit Clocks on Slots by 2024


Macau Casinos aren’t much different from those in Las Vegas except for one thing. Clocks on slots machines.

Yes, clocks have been absent in Las Vegas casinos, for they are considered an inconvenience, conveying time will disrupt the dream-like human mind.

Macau casinos have also followed the same rule until now. Macau gaming regulators have ordered all casino regulators to fit clocks in all slot machines.

That means current machines must be retrofitted with a clock before the end of 2024. The clocks will flash at the start of play and every ten minutes afterward.

According to Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), the clock on the slot machines helps in promoting responsible gambling.

It is quite an impressive move by a jurisdiction normally not held as a beacon of responsible gaming. However, that is not to say that DICJ hasn’t started any social reasonability program concerning gambling.

In 2012, DICJ required that casinos implement measures that included publicizing gaming odds and educating the public regarding the risks of gambling. The regulators also established a problem gambling hotline in the same year.

Clocks on slots in Las Vegas may be a huge deal; the Strip is home to 213, 000 slot machines. In comparison, Macau only hosts 90, 000 slots. Nevada generated $4.6 billion from slots, which is about 70 percent of the total gaming haul.


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