Clic Sante Website Offering a Spot for Quebecers Aged 40 and Above Ahead of the Scheduled Day


Quebecers aged 40 and above are now eligible to book a vaccination appointment. The announcement came a day earlier than expected. Quebecers aged 40 and above weren’t supposed to book vaccination appointments until Wednesday- but on Tuesday afternoon, the Clic Sante website was already offering the spot ahead of the scheduled day.

Last week, the province released a plan that will gradually lower the vaccination age limit to have all adults vaccinated by 14th May. This new development comes as Quebec receives more than 50, 000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The 50, 000 doses received are part of the 394, 290 doses to arrive this week.

The new COVID-19 infections cases in Quebec are low. On Tuesday, the province reported 797 cases. However, the number of deaths is worrying, 16 deaths, the highest recorded in Quebec since 12th February. However, hospitalization is slightly high after recent declines.


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