Clean up in Ste. Anne’s Today – plus free legal aide




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Volunteer Sandbag Cleanup: There will be a cleanup activity for Saturday, May 20th at 7am to pick up only the sandbags used to build the protective dikes. If you are interested in volunteering for this great community task, please come to the Municipal Garage located at 209 Sainte-Anne Street at 7 am on Saturday. We require people 16 years of age and older in good physical condition due to the weight of sandbags filled with water.


Sandbags: Starting now, citizens can put their sandbags used in the courtyard or basement at the curb, so that the city can gradually start collecting them.


Containers: 2 containers are placed in the following areas to be filled only with furniture and construction/demolition waste (floor covering, etc):

  • 1 near 200 Sainte-Anne Street
  • 1 near 192 Sainte-Anne Street

We ask you to place metals, electrical appliances and electronic waste next to the containers so that public works can recover and recycle them.


Additional garbage pickup: There will be an additional garbage pickup for affected residents, Saturday, May 20 as of 7 am. Please put your other residual materials (clothes, sporting goods, food, etc.) in garbage bags, by the curb before 7 am Saturday.


Cleaning kits: Citizens can come to City Hall during opening hours to get a free cleaning kit consisting of rubber gloves and a mask for mold. Some kits will be available for the volunteer sandbag cleanup of Saturday, May 20th.

Returning home safely

Find out what to do in order to return home safely after an evacuation. Please consult the informational document prepared by the Government of Québec.



To get in touch with a lawyer giving free legal information by phone: contact Info-Barreau at 514-954-3411 or toll-free at 1 844 954-3411, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Information document by Le Barreau du Québec (in french only):