Circa Sports Unveils New Sponsorship Second NHL Team, the Chicago Blackhawks


On Tuesday, Vegas-based Circa Sports shared the thrilling news of their newest collaboration as the official jersey patch sponsor for the National Hockey League’s (NHL) esteemed Chicago Blackhawks for the 2024-25 season. This announcement trailed just one day behind the Florida Panthers securing the 2024 Stanley Cup, creating a charged atmosphere around the world of professional hockey.

Circa Sports has now joined the league of select firms to secure multiple jersey patch contracts within a single professional sports league, standing next to the likes of corporations such as Motorola and Ibotta who had dual patch agreements in the concluded NBA season. Touting another jersey patch deal with the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Circa Sports is clearly not shy about backing hockey teams.

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This partnership is all set to take off, with Circa Sports making its first appearance on the Blackhawks’ jersey during the upcoming 2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft. Furthermore, the alliance extends to include the much-anticipated release of the Blackhawks 2024-25 regular season schedule, expected to drop in early summer.

With a star-studded history as one of the NHL’s original six franchises, having won the esteemed Lord Stanley’s Cup six times over—including a triumphant triad of victories between 2010 to 2015—the Blackhawks certainly make a high-profile partner. The specifics of the financial terms binding Circa Sports and the Blackhawks remain confidential.

The affiliation is particularly astute for Circa Sports, already a solid presence in the Illinois betting sector. In 2022, Circa Sports mapped out plans to expand into Illinois, securitizing an arrangement with Full House Resorts to administer a retail sportsbook and provide internet betting facilities in the state. A mere 10 months ago, the operator successfully rolled out mobile sports betting in Illinois.

Possessing an excellent standing as a sportsbook that adopts sharp bettors, Circa Sports is uniquely positioned to capture further market share in Illinois. This is amplified by its popular annual NFL contests—Circa Million and Circa Survivor—that draw in countless participants from across the globe.

The connection with the Blackhawks could prove to be a smart move for the gaming firm. While the team may have struggled in recent years, they are currently led by Connor Bedard, an impressive 18-year-old who is touted as one of the promising young NHL players.

Apart from Illinois, Circa Sports provides online sports wagering services in several other states, including Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, and Nevada.
In sync with other North American sports leagues, the NHL has extended its welcoming arms towards marketing deals and sponsorships, both at the team, and league levels, with gaming companies.

For instance, last November saw Penn Entertainment’s ESPN Bet anointed as the NHL’s official sports wagering partner—an undeniable sign of the league’s growing acceptance of the gaming sector. The recently concluded NHL season itself saw three franchises, namely the Arizona Coyotes, Golden Knights, and Washington Capitals, establishing partnerships with gaming companies.
Moreover, over half of the league now has sponsorship deals with sportsbook operators. This is particularly notable as six of the league’s US-based franchises are situated in states that prohibit online sports wagering, and five teams reside in Canadian provinces without free-for-all sports betting markets. Such moves certainly indicate a rapidly changing landscape.