Ciné Starz Orléans Closure Stuns Community, Spurs Online Casino Interest


The curtains have unexpectedly and permanently been drawn at Ciné Starz Orléans. Located in Orléans, the popular cultural hub has become a revered memory as it ceased operations earlier this week.

After the expiry of the theatre’s lease in June, the management company stated they failed to extend it, resulting in the closure on Tuesday. A foreboding sign, an official notice pinned to the theatre door, reveals an unsettled amount of $80,000 owed in outstanding rent.

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The unexpected closing took an immediate toll on the local community, prompting the Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans to call off a movie screening scheduled for Wednesday night. The wrap-up is a significant blow for the province’s cultural scene, especially since the theatre on Centrum Boulevard has had a commanding presence since 2013, assuming operations from the Mayfair Theatre after its closure.

The theatre’s closing doesn’t, however, mark the end of Ciné Starz in the area, with the St. Laurent Centre continuing to host the company’s operations.

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