A Christmas Miracle made of Candy Cane Ice Cream here on the West Island


A Christmas miracle can happen and does on the West Island. It seems no matter when someone reaches out there is a hand there to lift us up. We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderfully tight-knit community that is so generous.

Jasen Bolanis, a West Islander since birth, decided he wanted to get into the Christmas/Hanukah spirit and offered to deliver candy cane ice cream from Provigo. Much to my surprise, this product flies off the shelves and is not available all that long.

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Here is what Pamela Jesty had to say once she received her special delivery from Jason, Santa’s West Island Elf…..

Earlier today, I was at Provigo and wandered to the frozen section in the hopes of finding the President’s Choice Candy Cane ice cream I enjoy every Christmas (and usually miss out on because it sells out so quickly). To my delight, it was in stock, but because I was heading back to work and park in a heated garage…I passed, texting my daughter (equally smitten as I with the ice cream) that I found it and we would get some this year.Candy Cane Ice Cream right here on the West Island,West Island News, West Island Blog, Rhonda Massad, John Bolanis

Later on, I log in to FB and see on my feed a post in the West Island page from Jason Bolanis asking West Islanders if they loved Presidents Choice Candy Cane ice cream and if so, would they like a home delivery……hmm…well sign me up please, what is this, a Christmas miracle?!!

So my secret Santa, Saint Jason Bolanis, true to his word, pulled in my driveway, ice cream in hand. He wanted to give me two tubs, but I sent him down the road to Catherine Jones to share his delightful treat.

I’m grinning ear to ear from this warm-hearted stranger’s quirky offer and the fun coincidence of it all happening on a cold and stormy day. My waning Christmas spirit is restored. Jason didn’t want anything,but mentioned wishing he had time to plan to somehow benefit a women’s shelter so tonight I donated on behalf of Jason Bolanis (and you can too if this story touched your heart and you need a little Christmas spirit).http://wiws.ca/ Merry Christmas!!