Choosing a Payment Processor for my Online Business


Let’s walk through the daunting challenge of choosing the right online payment processing company. The questions no matter if you are starting out, looking to change to a different process system, or now you are ready to begin to accept online payments – the hurdles are sometimes overwhelming.

We hope to make the process of choosing a bit easier. There are different features and fees to consider when looking at different options.

Make sure the company is Reputable.

Research the ones that interest you. Look for reviews, talk to other users. Ask questions; make sure that the company has a customer service number where you are able to talk to a person. When you only receive an email or are asked for a ticket, it makes things more difficult and frustrating.

How good is their Security

As e-commerce increases in popularity, service providers will begin competing on security. Ask questions about their security quality. For instance, “is the transaction encrypted?” Verify they secure all payments with SSL. If they do not have one in place, perhaps looking for another provider would be a better move. Be sure that you feel that the company is actively updating their service for staying ahead of cyber-attackers.

How does payment processing work

When a customer clicks on “buy now” the provider is now taking over by doing the following:

  • Verifies each customer’s billing information – that the name, address, card information is all in order
  • Verifies that each customer’ has the funds available in accordance to the amount purchased
  • Approves requests, allowing your store to issue a confirmation number, and see a transaction number that confirms the person and the card match
  • And of course, make sure you receive payment for goods sold


Each processor has a different level of payment, some is by transactions, some are by flat rates, others base it on how many transactions per month, and then decide on rates according to how much you use the service.

If you are starting with a service, and you want to start off a bit slower, you may try PayPal or Woo Commerce.

Shop around – see if pricing fits into your budget. Just don’t underestimate the value by going cheap and having e-commerce problems later on. It can hurt your business.
Always make sure the processor company is a good match for your services amd your customer buying habits. It is essential that they keep you safe and updated as your business grows.

If you have any questions or would like more information on certain aspects, let us know in the comments and we will be sure to write about it, stay tuned for new content!

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