China Expands its Casino Blacklist in Attempt to Crackdown Leisure Gambling Abroad


China expands its casino blacklist that its citizens should avoid. But the specific destinations are yet to be revealed. Chinese officials first announced the compilation of the so-called blacklist of casinos that its mainland residents should not visit in August 2020. China on permit gambling in its Special Administrative Region of Macau.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) announced its expanded list to include more casino destinations last week. MCT, however, failed to reveal the destinations for the third time.

MCT is among the agency charged with promoting China as a tourism and cultural destination. It also fosters global corporation and worldwide leisure travel.

China aims to safeguard its citizens from traveling abroad to gamble. MCT, law enforcement, and immigration officials believe that a group of citizens travel internationally to gamble at the destinations.

MCT say that the aim is to suspend tour group from arranging tourist visas for trips to those cities and blacklisted destination. The travel measures are expected to apply to business, private jets, and water charter services.

The probable destination the Chinese might have been visiting gamble include Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Australian casinos may also be on the list, given the current controversy plaguing them.

MCT say that their goal is to safeguard Chinese citizen lives and financial safety. Anyone found guilty of organizing overseas gambling will face up to ten years in prison.


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