Chilliwack Double Homicide Suspect Released on Bail, Anguishing Victims’ Family


In the small town of Chilliwack, a family in mourning confronts a disheartening truth. The man alleged with perpetrating a double homicide last week has been granted his release on bail. The accused, Robert Amede Freeman, 83, made his contentious appearance in court on Thursday, confronted by two charges of second-degree murder.

Last week, on September 14, the police were called to a residential park on the historical Chilliwack Lake Road, responding to reports of gunfire. Upon arrival, they discovered a chilling sight. John Kavaloff, 58 years old, and Valerie Smith, aged 67, were found lifeless in their home, the victims of an alleged dispute with their neighbor.

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Portrayed by their distraught family as passionately devoted grandparents and caring individuals, the shocking and untimely loss of Kavaloff and Smith sent tremors through their tight-knit community. Their daughter-in-law, Joy Finnigan, voiced the family’s anguish outside the courthouse.

“Our lives have been irrevocably altered and our hearts pierced with insurmountable grief,” she remarked, characterizing the event as a needless catastrophe.

Struggling with the unimaginable trauma of their sudden loss, she confided in the devastating aftermath. “To truly elucidate the oppressive burden of their absence seems an insurmountable task,” she confessed candidly.

Navigating this treacherous landscape of bereavement and loss is a painstaking journey, made even more unbearable by the recent release of Freeman. Finnigan voiced her disbelief and impending dread, labeling it a harrowing continuation of the tragedy that has already befallen her family.

“Our wounds were just beginning to mend, only to have them viciously torn open again,” Finnigan remarked, describing Freeman’s release as an unthinkable reality.

Adding to the whirlwind of emotion is the fact that Freeman’s release comes with conditions. One such stipulation is that he should not be in the possession of any weapons. This, however, does little to assuage the overwhelming grief of a family left to grapple with the senseless loss of their loved ones.