Chilling Video Evidence Emerges in Afzaal Family Murder Trial


A chilling video, captured from a surveillance camera in close proximity, depicts the Afzaal family meandering leisurely along Hyde Park Road, London, on June 6, 2021. This footage has since been presented as critical evidence in the unfolding murder trial of Nathaniel Veltman, a 22-year-old accused residing in Windsor.

Made public only recently, this Thursday, the video carries a slight discrepancy; the time-stamp is reportedly off by around 14 minutes. Nonetheless, it articulately illustrates the unfolding tragedy with the Afzaal family near the intersection of Hyde Park Road and South Carriage Road. The close-knit family included mother Madiha, father Salman, daughter Yumnah, grandmother Talat, and a spirited nine-year-old son.

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As the family congregated near the junction, a black pickup truck illuminated in travelling lights can be seen hurtling north on Hyde Park Road. Subsequent movements paint a vivid picture of the horrific incident. The truck is then witnessed executing a swift U-turn, accelerating back in the direction of the unsuspecting family at a perilous speed.

With a careful edit, the court recording deliberately halts before documenting the impending moment of impact. The grievous incident robbed four members of the Afzaal family of their lives, leaving behind the young lad as the sole survivor.

Shortly after the horrific event, Veltman was apprehended and officially charged. He is currently facing four counts of first-degree murder and a single count of attempted murder, charges to which he has pleaded not guilty.

In another clip examined by the court on the same day, the jury watches Veltman in the immediate aftermath of his arrest, inhabiting a cell at London Police Service Headquarters. In the enclosed space, he is seen pacing restlessly, sporadically laying down on the concrete block of the cell, clad in a white t-shirt ornamented by a black cross stretched across the front and back.

The case, led by the Crown, continues to unfold, with the unraveling of further disturbing details expected in the days to come.