Chilling Surveillance Footage Details Moments Before Veltman’s Arrest in Muslim Family Murder Case


In the emotionally charged trial of murder suspect, Nathaniel Veltman, 22, the jury studied the surveillance footage which captured the chilling moments leading up to his arrest, mere minutes after a Muslim family consisting of three generations had been mowed down by a pickup truck in London, Ont.

The gory visual depiction from June 6, 2021, unfold a severely damaged black Ram pickup pulling into the parking lot of Cherryhill Mall at approximately 8:44 p.m. The accused driver can be seen approaching a taxi driver who holds a cellphone in his hand, engaging in a perceived conversation with him.

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As reported, the jury learned that Veltman asked the cabbie to dial 9-1-1. Not long after, several police cruisers from London made their entrance, arrival signaled by flashing lights and wailing sirens. The footage shows Veltman, with his hands clasped to his head, surrendering into a kneel before officers handcuffed him and escorted him to a cruiser.

Azzeddin Jahanghiri, the taxi driver bearing witness to the incident, testified in court that Veltman had confessed having hit someone with his vehicle and instructed him to alert local authorities. The defendant stands charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, which he vehemently denies.

The horrendous incident left four members of the Afzaal family deceased and a young boy orphaned as they peacefully strolled along Hyde Park Road in west London. Jahanghiri confessed his horror to the court, recounting the mortal sight of blood smeared on the grill of the truck along with bloody tissue plastered to its front.

Giving greater insight into the crime, the court listened to the 9-1-1 call made by Jahanghiri, during which Veltman identified himself as “Nate Veltman” when prompted for his name by the dispatcher. On the same call, Veltman ominously declared, “It was me, it was me that did it. Come arrest me.” When questioned about his wellbeing and his motive, he replied in the negative for being injured and shockingly acknowledged his heinous act saying “No, I did on purpose.” His unsettling response to the dispatcher’s question on motive was, “Get the f–k over here, would you?”. The cab driver further added that Veltman bizarrely requested to be filmed during his imminent arrest.

Court proceedings in this harrowing case will resume Wednesday under the rigid oversight of the Crown’s prosecution.