Child That Succumbed to COVID-19 In January Is B.C’s Youngest, Health Officials Say


A child who succumbed to COVID-19 in British Columbia is the province’s youngest, this is according to health officials. This death was made public through Monday’s status of the COVID-19 update.

The child and family are from the interior health zone. The family had taken the child for treatment at the children’s Hospital, Vancouver.
Dr. Bonnie Henry stated that limited information on the child’s death will be featured in the provincial surveillance report that will be posted this week.

In releasing the information, Dr. Henry said that they hoped to recognize the pain of losing a young child.

In the previous week, Dr. Henry announced the passing of a child who succumbed to COVID-19. This was the youngest child to have dies due to Coronavirus. The child, below 2 years, was a resident of Fraser health zone.


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