Child Critically Injured in Unattended Vehicle Incident at Childcare Centre


In a traumatic turn of events, a child has been critically injured upon being struck by a vehicle near the premises of a childcare centre located on Queensland’s famed Gold Coast. Emergency services were promptly notified of the distressing incident which took place in the carpark of the Creative Garden Early Learning Centre, just off Pine Ridge Road, shortly before the clock struck 10 in the morning on Tuesday.

Coming to the aid of the seriously injured boy, law enforcement officers rapidly descended on the scene. The child was swiftly transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital, where he was found to be in a severe condition.

Details revealed by a spokesperson representing the Queensland Ambulance indicate that the child was discovered under the hapless vehicle, leading to the inference that the automobile had unfortunately rolled backwards.

In an update concerning the extent of the child’s injuries, it was shared that his abdomen had been impacted significantly. Efforts to rush him to the Gold Coast University Hospital were made with emergency lights and sirens heralding the urgency of the situation.

Available information suggests that law enforcement officers have not proceeded with anything further at this time. They are working on the presumption that there was likely nobody inside the car when it collided with the child. This conclusion originated from an eyewitness account of a mother who was dropping her own children at the centre at that time.

The mother shared with reporters that she had observed children playing carelessly inside a van parked in the vicinity. In a spine-chilling sequence of events, the van suddenly jerked and reversed, leading to the unfortunate collision.


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