Chickens soon to be allowed as a pet in Saint-Lazare


Saint-Lazare is among the first municipalities that will allow domestic chicken coops in the very near future.


In a recent announcement the Town of Sainte-Lazare announced that they would be offering a free workshop for those interesting in raising chickens.

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Did you know that a chicken can live 10 to 12 years?
That it stops laying eggs considerably after the first years of its life?
That it must be sheltered from the cold during the long winter months?

Your hens will provide eggs for you and raising chickens can be a fun hobby. To raise chickens, set up a habitat in your backyard with a coop, run, and other equipment. Feed the chickens a healthy diet. Make sure to deal with city-related issues, such as noise and rodents.

The Announcement from St-Lazare:

As soon as the Town receives its certificate of compliance from the MRC in the coming weeks, Saint-Lazare’s by-law will authorize chickens in non-agricultural zones under certain conditions, and upon obtaining a 25 $ permit.

Plan your domestic chicken coop

To learn more about these small social animals, and to help those interested in preparing their domestic chicken coop in conformity with the Town’s by-law as well as becoming responsible owners, the City is hosting a free workshop on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at the Community Centre starting at 7 p.m. Seats are limited and registration is mandatory:


Your property:

  • Your lot size must be 700 m2 or more
  • There must be a main building on the property for a domestic coop and an fenced-in outdoor pen

The domestic chicken coop and fenced-in outdoor pen:

  • are mandatory
  • must be adjacent and connected, and detached from the main building
  • must meet established dimensions, location and construction standards

The chickens:

  • Must be a in a minimum number of 3 and a maximum of 5
  • No rooster allowed
  • Must be kept in the coop/fenced-in pen, i.e. cannot be free on the property, or in a cage or inside a dwelling for health reasons
Prohibited :

  • Any commercial activity related to keeping chickens, the sale of eggs, meat, manure or other substances from chickens
  • The euthanasia or the slaughter of a chicken is prohibited on a residential property and must be carried out in an approved slaughterhouse or by a veterinarian at his/her clinic;
  • No signs indicating the presence of chickens

To register for the workshop :

You have questions? write to the town at or call  450-424-8000, ext. 339.