Chicago’s Iconic “The Bean” Reopens After Year-Long Renovations


After enduring a year-long hiatus for intensive renovations and modernization, the beloved jewel of Chicago’s Millennium Park – fondly nicknamed “The Bean” – once again flung open its gates to the convivial public this past Sunday.

Having commenced in August of the previous year, the meticulous construction efforts encasing this iconic art piece had unfortunately hindered visitor’s close-quartered access to the marvel. The extensive initiative brought forth a series of structural enhancements to the plaza proximal to the sculpture. These improvements included the introduction of new, stepped pathways, installation of ramps for those requiring accessible routes, and notably, the implementation of a comprehensive waterproofing mechanism. This information was shared by the venerable Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

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Crafted by renowned artist, Anish Kapoor, the inimitable sculpture, appropriately titled “Cloud Gate,” tips the scales at a formidable 110 tons (or alternatively, 99.8 metric tons). Its moniker “The Bean,” cozily bestowed by the city’s residents, is a playful homage to its distinctive leguminous silhouette.

This hallowed attraction nestled near the bustle of Michigan Avenue is a magnet for tourists and selfie aficionados. Its shimmering reflective surface, creatively designed to mimic liquid mercury, effortlessly captures and mirrors the serried skyscrapers and animated crowds that redefine the Chicago skyline. The seductive allure of capturing self-portraits against this magnificent backdrop firmly pegs it as a go-to destination on tourists’ itineraries.

In a Sunday communique, city functionaries gleefully declared, “Visitors can once again have full access to Chicago’s iconic Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor.” They added an enticing coda to their rapturous announcement, playfully encouraging audience engagement with a casual, “Come back and get your #selfie!”

Thus, after a pause that seemed to span a lifetime for the ardent tourists and proud city locals alike, the beloved “Bean” is back, casting its bewitching reflection on the breezy city of Chicago.