Chicago Mistrial: Mob Insinuation Upends Sweepstakes Case


In a surprising turn of events that has rattled Chicago’s legal community, the prosecution of a local sweepstakes machine company owner and his associate ended abruptly in a declaration of mistrial. Accusations of violent extortion suddenly lost their grounding when a supposed taboo word was uttered in the courtroom, shaking the foundation of the federal case.

At the heart of the controversy is Gene “Gino” Cassano, aged 55, who has steadfastly denied involvement in commanding violence against a debtor. Cassano found himself facing charges alongside Gioacchino “Jack” Galione, 47, for allegedly conspiring to use threats and harm to ensure the repayment of a substantial debt. With Galione specifically charged with carrying out the physical act of violence, the stage was set for a dramatic legal showdown.

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US District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, presiding over the trial, called a halt to the proceedings following pivotal testimony. FBI Special Agent David Patch, whose career is steeped in the pursuit of organized crime, mentioned his professional focus—a reference interpreted as a loaded insinuation. This seemingly innocent acknowledgment of his job description by Patch, as reported by The Chicago Tribune, colored the trial with overtones that Judge Coleman argued could unduly sway the jury.

This courtroom revelation emerged despite tight interconnections with a broader inquiry into illicit gambling and vice rings, purportedly managed by the Chicago Outfit’s Elmwood Park Crew—a detail gleaned from federal court dockets. This high-profile flop led to the decision to reset the process entirely, with immediate instructions issued to eliminate any mention of ‘organized crime’ in witness statements, evidencing the prosecution’s sharp turn away from any association with mob stigma.

Earlier, Luigi Mucerino, the alleged victim in the stormy narrative, described a harrowing experience to the court. On August 1, 2016, after being summoned by Galione through a phone call that followed his wife’s expressions of fear due to their home being menacingly approached, Mucerino found himself in Galione’s garage. There, the situation escalated to violence, ending with Mucerino unconscious and wounded. When asked about the motive, Galione’s chilling justification mirrored that of a gritty crime drama—it was “just business.”

While defense lawyers do not dispute the altercation between Galione and Mucerino, they have firmly rejected the reasons purported by the prosecution and the implication of Cassano’s hand in the orchestration of the attack. In light of the mistrial, the judge has scheduled a subsequent status hearing to chart the path forward, leaving all parties to prepare for a re-trial.

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