Chicago Father Spared from Imprisonment in a Federal Case involving Illegal Gambling


Another member of the Chicago area ring of illegal sports betting has avoided prison in a federal case on Thursday last week.

Matthew Knight was issued a six months community confinement by US District Court Judge Virginia Kendall alongside a $10, 000 fine. Judge Kendall also ordered two-year probation for him.

Knight is one of the ten charged with illegal gambling starting from 2016 to 2019. Knight pleaded guilty in March for conspiring with Vincent DelGiudice, in an illicit betting operation.

Knight served as a DelGiudice agent and provided bettors with credentials to place bets on He paid winnings also collected stake.

According to a plea agreement, Knight faced up to five years imprisonment. However, the sentencing memo criminal rating warranted a 12 to 18 months imprisonment.

According to a memo by Assistant US Attorney Ankur Srivastava and Terry Kinney, Knight and DelGiudice were partners starting in January 2018 to December 2018. The Attorneys also allege that Knights led a $901, 504.87 to the gambling ring.

“Defendant was a big-time bookmaker, personally responsible for overseeing bettors who bet tens of millions of dollars and incurred millions of dollars in gambling losses.”

However, the federal authorities also considered other factors in delivery judgment. First, Knight had a clean prior record, and second, he has a history as a business owner.

Another factor considered in the sentencing memo is that Knights is a 47-year-old widowed father raising three teenage girls after his wife’s suicide.


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