Chef Min Kim Exits Wynn Las Vegas’s Mizumi Amid Rumors


Before the potent aromas of finely curated dishes wafted through the redesigned hallows of Wynn Las Vegas’s Mizumi, the restaurant’s architectural nuances and gastronomic direction were meticulously tailored to the vision of Chef Min Kim. Renowned for his gastronomic prowess, Kim’s culinary journey was nothing short of stellar with tenures at Tokyo’s Michelin-starred Narisawa and Ryugin before his voyage led him to the helms of Mizumi at Wynn Palace in Macau.

Yet, in a move that sparked both intrigue and speculation among the gastronomic community, Wynn Las Vegas reopened the celebrated Mizumi without the illustrious Chef Kim at its command. While the chef’s departure was not heralded by public fanfare, it came following the cessation of Min’s Test Kitchen, an interim pop-up concept during Mizumi’s transition phase. Kim’s departure in September, officially framed as a resignation to pursue new ventures, left many guessing the layers beneath the surface.

The veil of mystery only thickened when Scott Roeben of kindled discourse across the culinary landscapes of Las Vegas. Rumors, as whispered by Roeben, suggested a less amicable departure, hinting at allegations of sexual harassment leading to the chef’s exit.

Reassurances have been made of an impending announcement regarding the new custodian of Mizumi’s culinary direction, yet the ripples of Chef Kim’s exit continue to stir.

In other dining news, Las Vegas welcomes its innovation on the go with Shake Shack’s inaugural drive-thru poised to serve up its signature offerings on December 14th at its North Las Vegas address. The Shake Shack legacy in the region currently boasts six locations, with this new inception marking a divergence from the dine-in tradition.

Conversely, the tides of fortune ebbed for Half Bird Chicken & Beer in Chinatown, leading to its closure. Nonetheless, the ethos survives through a new iteration established by Brian Howard in Henderson.

Meanwhile, slices of nostalgia are being baked afresh as Rizzo’s Pizzeria & Grill resurfaces on the Las Vegas dining scene. Under the guidance of Mike Rizzo, the charm of the ’70s institution is revived, paying homage to the original establishment owned by his father.

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