Chatham Community Mourns Heroic Local Man, Kenneth ‘Floyd’ Selby, Lost in Blaze


A palpable sense of loss has descended upon the town of Chatham as it mourns the tragic demise of a local man, Kenith ‘Floyd’ Selby, who perished in a structural blaze that erupted on St. George Street. The engulfing flames tragically claimed his life earlier this week.

The alarm raised at precisely 9:25 p.m. on September 19th, brought multiple firefighting units to the multi-residential property. Among the casualties was Floyd Selby, a well-respected member of the Chatham community.

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A native of Chatham, Floyd’s ties to his family and community ran deep. His aunt, Noreen Thorpe’s voice trembled as she recollected, “Floyd, the ever selfless soul he was, always considered others before himself. He was the love of my life. His departure devastates me, as I was there when he was pronounced no more.”

In a poignant ceremony on Friday, a vigil was organized at Taylor Park, a place dear to Floyd. His enduring love for basketball was fondly recalled by his loved ones, as they gathered in grief and shared poignant memories of a life well-lived, yet tragically cut short.

Regrettably, four other residents were also injured in the blaze, among them a mother along with her two children who managed to escape through an upstairs window. It was reportedly Floyd’s relentless alerts that enabled their successful escape — a final act of selflessness.

The brother of the deceased, Mark Glassford recalled, “From what I understand, Floyd was yelling ‘Fire, get out,’ enabling the other families to escape. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t get out himself.”

The aftereffects of the blaze were widespread, causing dislocation of nine of Floyd’s neighbors from their singed residences. Now, Floyd’s family plans to assist the Wish Centre in gathering donations to aid them.

Chris Glassford, Floyd’s nephew, believes in keeping his uncle’s altruistic spirit alive. “Floyd would have fervently wanted this, to extend help to the others in our community,” he adds.

Funeral arrangements for Floyd are still being finalized. The bereaved family rallies around a simple request, echoed by his aunt. “We need all the prayers we can get. Please continue to pray for the family.”

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