CEO of P.E.I. Seniors Homes Is Pleased With Government’s Efforts To Improve Long-Term Care


The federal government of Canada has promised $3 billion over five years for long-term care. The CEO of P.E.I. Seniors Homes, Jason Lee, has stated that he is encouraged to see the feds trying to improve long-term care by putting some money in it.

After publishing the new budget on Monday, Ottawa also revealed that it will be committing $3 billion in the next five years for new national standards for long-term care. During the height of the pandemic, the government has spent the billion dollars to aid long-term care home all across the country.

The CEO of P.E.I Senior Homes, Jason Lee, has talked to the press and stated:

“Across the country, we need about 42,000 additional new nursing beds over the next five years just to deal with the aging population and the demand. There is no federal infrastructure money currently that works for long-term care. One of our biggest challenges is the need to staff our buildings. You know, we can build 42,000 new nursing beds over the next five years, but if we don’t have the staff to operate them, we might as well not bother.”

Lee added that he is aware that staffing nursing homes and health-care facilities all across the country is a tough job, but he believes that this budget strategy could help.


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