Centraide encourages dialogue in the community


Alena Ziuleva, Director of the Table de Quartier Sud de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile (TQSOI) and Anne-Marie Angers-Trottier, Coordinator for Concertation Ouest-de-l’Ile (CODI) successfully completed the Rassembleur Leadership training program offered by Dynamo: a Resource in local community mobilization, funded by Centraide of Greater Montreal. As part of the ceremony, they received a graduation certificate.

This training supports the effort of dialogue and mobilization within communities. It allows participants to complete their training by drawing on best community leadership practices. It uses innovative strategies to create an enabling work environment for dialogue and community development.

Mobilization of all the stakeholders within a community is a vocation that requires a strong commitment and a multitude of skills. This innovative program, an excellent opportunity for professional development, enhances the mobilization and consultation skills of participants and enables them to facilitate collective action while allowing them to be better equipped to also contribute to it.

This program focuses on reinforcing the expertise of these ‘change agents’ by helping them to bring together the strengths of different stakeholders in their communities, forging links between institutions, community groups and elected officials,  and mobilizing them all around a shared vision. This facilitates the creation of sound and concrete projects that will impact the lives of vulnerable populations in the community.


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