Celebrities Join Democrats in Urging Biden to Step Down


Celebrities are now joining Democrats in expressing concerns following Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance late last month. Despite maintaining control of his party up until the June 27 event, Biden’s performance has shaken confidence within key segments of the Democratic Party, including the influential Hollywood community.

Biden’s debate showing was marked by awkward pauses, a hoarse voice affected by a cold, moments of apparent disorientation, and low energy levels. A particularly notable incident occurred when the president struggled to name Medicare while discussing tax policies targeting the wealthy. “We have 1,000 trillionaires in America—I mean billionaires in America. And what’s happening? They’re in a situation where they, in fact, pay 8.2 percent taxes, if they just paid 24 percent, 25 percent—either one of those numbers—we’d raise $500 million—billion dollars, I should say—in a ten-year period,” he stammered. He paused again, appearing to forget the subject. “Excuse me, dealing with everything we have to do with…” he trailed off before finally recalling Medicare, albeit clumsily: “Look, if we finally beat Medicare,” a slip suggesting the Democrats oppose the program, contradicting their actual stance.

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In response to the debate, numerous celebrities have publicly called for Biden to step aside. This chorus of voices grew louder heading into the Fourth of July weekend, as many pondered the future of the Democratic Party without Biden at the helm.

In the midst of this turmoil, Biden issued an open letter to House Democrats urging them to dismiss rumors and back his reelection campaign. “Now that you have returned from the July 4th recess, I want you to know that despite all the speculation in the press and elsewhere, I am firmly committed to staying in this race, to running this race to the end, and to beating Donald Trump,” he wrote on July 8. He stressed his belief that he remains the best candidate to challenge Trump, calling for unity within the party.

Biden also critiqued the notion that any potential replacement could win. He took a swipe at his former primary rivals, pointing out their failures. “This was a process open to anyone who wanted to run,” Biden reminded his colleagues. “Only three people chose to challenge me. One fared so badly that he left the primaries to run as an independent. Another attacked me for being too old and was soundly defeated. The voters of the Democratic Party have voted. They have chosen me to be the nominee of the party.” Biden’s letter also aimed to clarify his platform and celebrate his achievements in office, including low unemployment rates, the infrastructure act, and climate-change investments.

Among the celebrity voices calling for Biden to step aside is a long-standing Democrat and horror author who tweeted, “Joe Biden has been a fine president, but it’s time for him—in the interests of the America he so clearly loves—to announce he will not run for re-election.” The director of “When Harry Met Sally” echoed this sentiment, urging Biden to “stop messing around” and step down to prevent a Trump victory, which they believe would jeopardize democracy.

Actor John Cusack also voiced his agreement, tweeting, “There has been no bigger supporter of Biden’s domestic policy than Rob—he’s right,” in reference to the director’s comments. Meanwhile, the creator of “Lost” called for a boycott of donations to the Democratic Party until they address their internal issues, a stance supported by major donor Abigail Disney. “I am a lifelong Democrat and I love my complicated, glorious country,” he stated in a July 3 op-ed for Deadline. Declaring that it’s time for Democrats to wake up, he proposed a “DEMbargo,” urging supporters to withhold donations until meaningful change occurs.

Amid these developments, George Stephanopoulos was caught on camera by TMZ expressing doubts about Biden’s capacity to serve a full second term. Although Stephanopoulos and ABC News later issued statements to distance themselves from the off-the-cuff remark, the incident added to the mounting criticism.

The growing concerns among celebrities and the broader Democratic base illustrate the high stakes and uncertainty surrounding Biden’s political future as the party grapples with internal divisions and an impending election.