Celebrities Flock to Vancouver’s Top Restaurants


Vancouver, often dubbed Hollywood North, is known for its bustling entertainment scene and frequent celebrity sightings. Recently, several high-profile figures have been spotted enjoying the city’s vibrant culinary offerings.

American actor Owen Wilson, currently in Vancouver, seems to be relishing everything the city has to offer. Apart from a wholesome bike ride and a hockey game, he was spotted indulging in local cuisine at Maizal, a popular Mexican restaurant. Maizal proudly shared a photo of Wilson with two staff members, captioning it, “A pleasure to have Owen Wilson today at Maizal!! Big fans!”

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Hip-hop icon Missy Elliott recently embarked on her historical tour in Vancouver and was seen celebrating with special guests Ciara, Busta Rhymes, and Timbaland. Adding to the star power, American singer Ciara’s husband, Russell Wilson, traveled with the musicians. He shared Instagram stories cheering on his wife and photos from the afterparty at Prophecy Bar, a chic cocktail lounge at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. One memorable post included a group photo featuring Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, and Ciara.

Rock legend Mick Jagger, frontman of The Rolling Stones, visited Vancouver as part of the “Stones Tour’24 Hackney Diamonds.” The day before their much-anticipated concert, Jagger dined at Vij’s, a renowned local restaurant. The establishment shared a photo of Jagger with owner and chef Vikram Vij, capturing what they described as a “magical moment.”

Vancouver native and Hollywood star Seth Rogen is a well-known advocate for the city’s culinary scene. Recently, he was spotted at Maenam, with the restaurant’s wine director, Kurtis Kolt, posting a selfie with Rogen on Instagram. This isn’t Rogen’s first public endorsement of Vancouver’s dining spots; he has previously praised Lee’s Donuts on Netflix shows like “Dinner Time Live with David Chang” and “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.”

Rogen was again seen enjoying Vancouver’s diverse food scene, this time at the popular Vietnamese eatery Lunch Lady. Accompanied by SNL star Bowen Yang and Hong Kong actor Tzi Ma, their presence delighted both staff and patrons alike. An employee shared photos of the trio with the restaurant staff on Instagram.

Lastly, actors Pedro Pascal and Joe Pantoliano were spotted dining at one of Vancouver’s top Italian restaurants, which also happens to be a favorite of Drake’s. Posteraro, the chef, shared with Daily Hive that the actors left their orders in his hands, trusting his culinary creativity.

These recent sightings highlight Vancouver’s status as a gastronomic gem that attracts stars from across the globe, confirming once again why it is lovingly referred to as Hollywood North.