Celebrating 100 Years of Canadian War Legend, Sir George Beardshaw


A unique birthday extravaganza swept through the streets of London this past Sunday, honouring one of Canada’s most seasoned war legends.

Sir George Beardshaw, Canadian by choice and patriot at heart, officially marked his first century on this Earth. Amidst the backdrop of a tranquil London Sunday, a rich tapestry of loved ones and respect-drenched servicemen, alongside notable personalities, congregated to bask in the glow of Sir Beardshaw’s milestone day.

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Having set foot in Canada at the tender age of three, Sir Beardshaw’s life is a living testament to an epoch of gallantry and resilience. He is one of the last surviving members of the Britain’s Home Children, a remnant of an era that serves as a reminder of our collective past.

As the candles on his centennial cake sparkled like his decorated service record, Sir Beardshaw’s impressive saga was revisited. Savouring the palpable aura of admiration and reverence surrounding him, the WWII veteran reflected on his colourful past. In his adolescent years, barely shedding off his teenage skin, he was quick to join the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. Proving his mettle, he served admirably overseas, ultimately enduring the bitterness of captivity in the concluding 28 days of the Second World War.

Honoured palpably by the extravagant celebration of his lifetime and significant accomplishments, Sir Beardshaw juggled humility with the pride of a life well-lived. His sparkling eyes gleamed with enduring vitality as he imparted the secret of his astounding youthfulness. “The key to eternal youth lies within” he proclaimed, “if you think young, you stay young. It’s my unique honour, one that even my nephew acknowledges by lovingly christening me ‘Young George.'”

As the sun dipped below the horizon on his memorable day, Sir Beardshaw readily embraced his remarkable new status. The swish of the calendar come September 14th would officially seal his transition into the league of centenarians, boldly championing the strength and resilience of a generation that made history.