Cedar Pointe Drive Reopens Amidst Ongoing Construction Chaos


Despite enduring a series of persistent setbacks, Cedar Pointe Drive has finally reopened to traffic from Dunlop Street in Barrie, marking a relief for commuters and locals alike. However, this does not signal an end to the construction, a story all too familiar to those frequenting these areas.

During construction, businesses on Cedar Pointe Drive had only Edgehill Drive for ingress and egress. Launched at the height of summer, this construction project was initially scheduled for completion by mid-August. Nevertheless, a series of unforeseen issues, such as the prolonged installation of sanitary works on Hart Drive, prompted a shift in the timeline, extending construction activities well into the early weeks of September.

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Following a series of further construction-related mishaps, the access at Dunlop Street was caught in a wave of additional delays in mid-September. However, the anxious wait finally concluded when the City of Barrie announced the official reopening on Thursday.

According to the City, the temporary traffic signal placed on Hart Drive is set to be removed this week, and a full lane will be restored in both directions. Despite this progress, traffic disruptions are far from finished, as another closure looms on the horizon.

On October 16, contractors will close the intersection at Edgehill Drive and Cedar Pointe Drive. The City explained that dedicated construction crews would work around the clock on weekdays beginning Tuesday, aiming to complete the sanitary installation and roadway restoration by November 1st.

Furthermore, construction at the Cedar Pointe Plaza will commence in the ensuing week, which may result in occasional restricted access to some parking areas. Crews will operate from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. to install sanitary works within the plaza, focusing specifically on the stretch from 55 to 75 Cedar Pointe Drive.

This vital construction project was initiated by the Ministry of Transportation in response to conflicts between the existing sewer system and the Ministry’s plans for a future bridge on Dunlop Street. Consequently, the City of Barrie assigned teams to relocate the sewer system.

Relocation work involves shifting the trunk sanitary sewer from Dunlop Street to Edgehill Drive along Cedar Pointe Drive and decommissioning the existing sewer situated beside the Highway 400 right of way. The repositioned sewer will cut across the 400 south of the current interchange and link it to the main at Hart Drive. This intricate task is crucial to preventing further issues as the city grows and evolves.