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6 Tips to Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety

Do you have Dental anxiety? It’s nothing to laugh about. It’s a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. Children are not the only one afraid of the...
5 Emergency Tips for Hosting a Successful Event

5 Essential Tips for Hosting a Successful Business Event

Whether you are a small business or a global corporation, hosting events is a great way to attract attention to your company, network, market goods or services and generate...

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier

WEST ISLAND BLOG EXCLUSIVE Interview with People’s Party of Canada leader and founder Maxime Bernier. Interview by West Island Blog’s Rhonda Massad and Dario De Felice.
Vince Guzzo Interview

Vince Guzzo weighs in on Amazon’s potential purchase of AMC Theatres

Speculation continues to swirl after last week's reports that Amazon is considering buying AMC Theatres, the largest movie theatre chain in the United States, with more than 10,000 screens...
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Pierrefonds Animal Hospital open for flooded furry friends for free

Pierrefonds Animal Hospital, located at 15723 Pierrefonds Blvd, has opened its doors to flooded parents and their furry families. While the water pushes forward on many homes in Pierrefonds and Ile Bizard,...
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4 Ways You Can Get Back to the Surface When Yoked To an “Underwater”...

Is the car loan you owe more than the value of the car itself? The auto industry terms this as going “upside down” or simply, “underwater”. For instance, if...

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