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Why Laser Hair Removal

It is a universal ideal the world over: women, and men as well, should only have beautiful hair on their head. The problem, however, is that while a head...
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DIY Beauty Scrub by Spa Munari

There’s nothing more satisfying (and beautifying) than whipping up a homemade beauty recipe from your pantry.  I recommend making exfoliation a part of your weekly routine for both your face and...
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Benefits of a Salt Glow Scrub

The first time I saw a salt glow on a spa menu, I was perplexed.  What was it exactly?  how did it differ from a sugar scrub, or a...
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Types of Food That Cause Acne

Although the correlation between diet and acne is still being researched, studies show connections between certain triggering foods and acne flare-ups. Diet may be a key player in both...

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