Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Dog Training: How to Motivate Your Dog

By: Diana Smith We all sometimes need a little bit of motivation and dogs aren’t an exception. That’s why every dog owner should give their best to help their furry...
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Possible contaminated kibble placed at the entrance to Angell Woods in Beaconsfield

by Rhonda Massad For the second reported time in the past ten days, large piles of kibble have been placed at one of the access points to Angell Woods in...

Our featured pets from Rosie’s Animal Adoption

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Our Featured Pets from Animatch

    For more information regarding these dogs or the many others available for adoption at Animatch please click on the heart    
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Our Featured Pets from Animatch

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7 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Giving your pooch chic and fun doggy bling such as those that you see here is one of the many creative ways that you can spoil your dog....
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Which Dogs Are Not Allowed on Planes and Why?

by Sarah Jones   Many people fly with their dogs. The dogs are usually small breeds that can fit under an airline seat, and that has a bag that meets airline...

Overweight Pets: Dangers of Overfeeding Cats and Dogs

by Sophia Clark Having pets is a great thing as they provide great companionship. However, it is a demanding job and comes with significant responsibilities. There are many health risks...
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The Health of Your Cat’s and Dog’s Eyes, Ears, and Mouth

The Health of Your Cat’s and Dog’s Eyes, Ears, and Mouth A cat’s or dog’s quality of life doesn’t diminish if they have issues with their eyes, ears, or mouth,...
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Why is Fido barking in the middle of the night?

Having trouble sleeping because your dog is barking excessively into the night? We have all been there are some tips so you (and the neighbours) can get good...