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7 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Giving your pooch chic and fun doggy bling such as those that you see here is one of the many creative ways that you can spoil your dog....
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Possible contaminated kibble placed at the entrance to Angell Woods in Beaconsfield

by Rhonda Massad For the second reported time in the past ten days, large piles of kibble have been placed at one of the access points to Angell Woods in...
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Dog Training: How to Motivate Your Dog

By: Diana Smith We all sometimes need a little bit of motivation and dogs aren’t an exception. That’s why every dog owner should give their best to help their furry...
Things your dogs should not be eating

9 things your dogs should not be eating

Ever wonder about the long list of things your dogs should and shouldn't eat?  I do.  I hear dogs can't eat chocolate and then I hear they can't have...
4 Toys For Cats Regardless Of Breed

4 Toys For Cats Regardless Of Breed

Most pet owners (especially those who have never owned one) automatically assume that cats are solitary creatures who prefer to be left alone rather than interact with their owners...
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Our Featured Pets from Animatch

  For more info on these dogs press the heart  
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How to capture the best photos of your pet

Pets are as close as family and it is understandable if you want to keep and share memories with them. One of the best ways of capturing fond memories...
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Cookie Bones – basic recipe

This one comes courtesy of 12 oz wholewheat flour 4 oz wheat germ (if you haven’t got this, just use 4 oz more of wholewheat flour) 4 oz melted bacon fat...
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Choosing the best treats for your Dog

It is no secret that dogs love food and treats. Treats are a good way to reinforce obedience and positive behaviour they are also a must during training. Treats are...
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Fishy Bites and Liver Snaps

This fishy recipe from PawNation is perfect for both dogs and cats and although the recipe here states mackerel, it can be made in a sardine version which is...

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