endangering dog's health

5 Ways You May Be Endangering Your Dog’s Health

We love our furry friends and would never want to do anything to harm them but what if we did so unknowingly? Here are 5 ways you may be...
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How Can I Stop My Dog from Destroying My Cat’s Toys?

Keeping your dog healthy and happy is an easy undertaking that does not require a lot of skills or training. However, things may get out of hand and your...
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Dog Training: How to Motivate Your Dog

By: Diana Smith We all sometimes need a little bit of motivation and dogs aren’t an exception. That’s why every dog owner should give their best to help their furry...
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8 Tips for Safe Airplane Travel with a Pet

 There are several tips to follow when traveling with a pet. You have to get a pet travel carrier, organize the reservation and get all the necessary documents. You...
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Possible contaminated kibble placed at the entrance to Angell Woods in Beaconsfield

by Rhonda Massad For the second reported time in the past ten days, large piles of kibble have been placed at one of the access points to Angell Woods in...
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Pierrefonds Animal Hospital open for flooded furry friends for free

Pierrefonds Animal Hospital, located at 15723 Pierrefonds Blvd, has opened its doors to flooded parents and their furry families. While the water pushes forward on many homes in Pierrefonds and Ile Bizard,...

They jump! they bite! Fleas, know your facts

Fleas. You probably know them. They jump, they bite, they make our pets itchy. When they find their way into our homes, they bite us and make us itchy...

Vaping and pets

If there are animals in your house, you are undoubtedly concerned with the question of how your vaping affects them. Here are ways to keep your pets safe: Fluids are...

Animatch’s Available Furry Friends

Animatch boasts a centre with accommodation for a dozen dogs and a dedicated team of volunteers.  West Island Blog and Animatch are joining together to help find our furry...

Our featured pets from Animatch

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