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Our Featured Pets from Animatch

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Which Dogs Are Not Allowed on Planes and Why?

by Sarah Jones   Many people fly with their dogs. The dogs are usually small breeds that can fit under an airline seat, and that has a bag that meets airline...

Taking your Four-legged Best Friend Shopping?

Summer is finally upon us. We get very excited and our positive energy surfaces with no problem at all. Pet owners, like myself, like to take our best friends...

Our featured pets from Rosie’s Animal Adoption

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Floppy ears often means ear infections for dogs

I have a beautiful Giant Schnauzer who spends so much of his days with irritated ears.  Tank's gorgeous floppy ears make him forever a puppy. Those same ears mean...

Vaping and pets

If there are animals in your house, you are undoubtedly concerned with the question of how your vaping affects them. Here are ways to keep your pets safe: Fluids are...
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Tips on keeping your pets safe this Easter

While Easter and the start of spring bring fun, nice weather and celebrations, many pet parents don't realize how dangerous this time of year can be for dogs. Here...
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Sherwood Park Animal Hospital becomes one of the first in the West to care...

by Rhonda Massad Beaconsfield's Sherwood Park Animal Hospital is one of the first West Island clinics to care for exotic animals. Dr. Geneviève Beauchamp will be caring for the less...

Our featured pets from Animatch

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8 Tips for Safe Airplane Travel with a Pet

 There are several tips to follow when traveling with a pet. You have to get a pet travel carrier, organize the reservation and get all the necessary documents. You...

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