Overweight Pets: Dangers of Overfeeding Cats and Dogs

by Sophia Clark Having pets is a great thing as they provide great companionship. However, it is a demanding job and comes with significant responsibilities. There are many health risks...
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Why is Fido barking in the middle of the night?

Having trouble sleeping because your dog is barking excessively into the night? We have all been there ....here are some tips so you (and the neighbours) can get good...
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Which Dogs Are Not Allowed on Planes and Why?

by Sarah Jones   Many people fly with their dogs. The dogs are usually small breeds that can fit under an airline seat, and that has a bag that meets airline...
4 Toys For Cats Regardless Of Breed

4 Toys For Cats Regardless Of Breed

Most pet owners (especially those who have never owned one) automatically assume that cats are solitary creatures who prefer to be left alone rather than interact with their owners...
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Morris Animal Foundation Study Identifies New Virus in Cats

News provided by Morris Animal Foundation Funded researchers from the University of Sydney have found a previously undiscovered hepadnavirus in an immunocompromised cat, and subsequently in banked feline blood samples. The research team...
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Tips on keeping your pets safe this Easter

While Easter and the start of spring bring fun, nice weather and celebrations, many pet parents don't realize how dangerous this time of year can be for dogs. Here...
Things your dogs should not be eating

9 things your dogs should not be eating

Ever wonder about the long list of things your dogs should and shouldn't eat?  I do.  I hear dogs can't eat chocolate and then I hear they can't have...
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Our Featured Pets from Animatch

  For more info on these dogs press the heart  
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Pierrefonds Animal Hospital opens its door to flooded pets

Pierrefonds Animal Hospital is opening their doors to those families who need to find a temporary spot for their furry friends.   Free accommodations are limited. Pierrefonds Boulevard is tricky at this...
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Possible contaminated kibble placed at the entrance to Angell Woods in Beaconsfield

by Rhonda Massad For the second reported time in the past ten days, large piles of kibble have been placed at one of the access points to Angell Woods in...

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