Oprah makes West Island dreams come true visiting Pierrefonds school Monday

  Oprah Winfrey made good on her promise to visit College Beaubois in Pierrefonds after Valerie Kamel was called up on stage during her "Your Path Made Clear" tour stop...

Oprah will be at College Beaubois today visiting teacher Valerie Kamel

During the Sunday night performance at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Oprah called on teacher Valerie Kamel to come up on stage.  After a heart felt hug and words...
New West-Island bakery Decadent Dough serving mouth-watering cookies, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, homemade, baking, treats, cookies

New West-Island home bakery Decadent Dough serving mouth-watering cookies

By Allie Theodore No one can say no to cookies. Not only are cookies one of, if not THE most comforting treat, they are wildly nostalgic for many. Whipping up...

Beaconsfield resident meets Oprah – “She got me through medical school”

Beaconsfield's Dr. Gabrielle Cassir completed her medical school and residency training at Université de Montreal. During her time as a medical student, she was also able to experience the...

Beaconsfield’s Dr. Gabrielle Cassir talks about sex during pregnancy

Dr. Gabrielle Cassir takes on the guys on Have The Balls To Talk About It.  They discuss sex during pregnancy, hormones, cravings and much much more. “Have the balls to...
Meet your Neighbour: DDO's Corrie Sirota

Meet your Neighbour: DDO’s Corrie Sirota

by Rhonda Massad Corrie Sirota takes active to a higher level. Corrie and her husband Andy Frankel can be found ballroom dancing, fundraising, teaching, coaching and traveling. Corrie and Andy...
Milda Graham take gold in Gymnastics at age 50 , West Island Blog, Rhonda Massad, West Island News

Saint-Lazare’s Milda Graham takes gold in Gymnastics at age 50

Meet Your Neighbour by Rhonda Massad Following a new trend in welcoming women into the gymnastics world at an age when they were once considered over the hill, Milda Graham, at...

Kirkland’s Julie Quenneville goes from volunteering to President of the McGill University Health Centre...

by Rhonda Massad Julie Quenneville grew up on the West Island where she began her philanthropic career at the age of 13 when she volunteered at the YMCA. The rest...
Mandy's Salad bar

Mandy’s Salad Bar to open in Marché de l’Ouest

According to a recent Instagram post, Mandy's plans to open soon at the Marché de l'Ouest.   The popular salad makers are currently available at West Spa for pick up. For those of you...
Kathryn Davidson is a healthcare worker at the CHSLD

Heathcare worker at CHSLD in LaSalle shares her journey through COVID-19

on Newman Boulevard in LaSalle.  She has been writing, on social media, her journey through the COVID-19.  She explains the emotional roller coaster of trying to laugh with your...

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