Candice Minch

Severe Food Allergies: Top Seven Challenges and Solutions at Hand!

By Candice Minch 1.  People are always asking “what is a peanut allergy”?  Well, it is a severe allergic reaction to peanuts and related products that can endanger the life...


By Heather Boyd My curiosity for new things led me to the Montreal Cooking Classes group on  Since attending their “What’s for Dinner” class at Provigo Pierrefonds last month,...

Debt Consolidation: a good thing or a bad thing?

By Lama Farran Having multiple loans and credit cards to pay off can be a sure recipe for overwhelm and insomnia. This is when your financial institution will recommend applying...
Doug Smith front door

Reality Vs Reality – Home Renovations

By Doug Smith Welcome to my contribution to West Island Blog where I will share with you my expertise and experiences as owner of Trillium Development Group an Architectural design...
Lama Farren

A Miniature Emergency Fund

by Lama Farran Most financial experts would advise you to have an emergency fund equivalent to 3-6 months of basic living expenses. Let’s first explore what is considered an emergency...

Benefits of becoming a “More Powerful and Confident Speaker” in 2015

By Ken Ingram Whatever you do or wherever you go, at some point in your business life you will have an opportunity or more to speak in front of a...
Ken Ingram

“I Mind Your Business”

  I am sorry, I do not understand what you are saying I really loved the concept of out behaving your competition a book written by Gregg Lederman entitled ENGAGED for...
EAB Tree Azin Injections in Ash Tree

Debt by Ecology

By Kevin Woodhouse At a recent Beaconsfield council meeting, councilor and chair of the Finance Committee Wade Staddon gave a recap of the committee's last meeting, stating that the city...
Montreal Children's Hospital

A bone marrow transplant dramatically changes one boy’s life

For 10-year-old Eli, the past year has been like a new lease on life. Eli was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at eight months old and in the years...
Sue-Anne Hickey

Are Your Hormones Doing The Makarena?

by Sue-Anne Hickey Natural Solutions for PMS and Menopause The word ‘hormone’ comes from Greek and its original meaning is ‘to set in motion’. These days, when we talk about hormones,...

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