8 Tips Retirement

8 Steps to Prepare for Retirement

Many of us are at a stage in life where we or someone we know has just retired or are currently considering retirement. Even though there is life beyond...
Montreal West Island Home Valuations

Montréal homeownership, rising home valuations, and a sizzling Summer real estate market!

For those wondering if homeownership in Montréal represents a good financial investment; the answer is a resounding, “Yes”! Within a booming economy, 2018 represented an exceptional year in the...
Fresh Produce

10 Tips for Keeping Produce Fresher Longer

Wasted food puts a strain on our budget and forces us to shop more often. What causes produce to spoil quickly? Ethylene gas is produced normally by fruits and vegetables as...

9 Reasons Why Life Coaching is so Effective

Are you thinking about investing in your personal growth but are uncertain how to get started? Are you considering a life coach but don’t know what to expect? As...

Book Review – After the Fall

Life can be challenging at times. Certain experiences can leave us feeling vulnerable, sad, angry or afraid. The impulse is often to avoid the things or situations that created...

Feeding Time

Having a baby leaves you with so many questions and doubts. During my pregnancy I never thought one of those questions would be how to feed my baby. Well...

Horrible Words

I love words.  I suppose you can call me a “logophile”, a lover of words.  Logophile comes from the Greek words logos meaning “word, speech, discourse” and philos meaning...

Bathing Suit Pride

After my first pregnancy, I spent every day trying to get back to my pre-baby body. Does that even exist? I used to walk hours a day, watched every...

Love is Love

By Suzanne Reisler Litwin The other morning I crawled out of bed, not wanting to move.  As soon as I opened my eyes my darling dog was looking at me. ...

I Have a Bone to Pick

By Suzanne Reisler Litwin I can live on bread and butter, cheese, chocolate, bananas, pasta and ice cream for the rest of my life!  And… I think I just might do...

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