Home Alone Leeds Beaconsfield

Photos of the Home Alone film set in Beaconsfield this week

The quiet bedroom community in Beaconsfield was transformed into a film set this past week as Mels Studio filmed the latest edition of Home Alone. It is rumoured that...
Home Alone MOVIE filmed in Pointe Claire Feb 2020

PHOTOS: Pointe Claire Village turned into a set for Home Alone movie

Once again the West Island's Pointe Claire Village is home to a movie set for the upcoming reboot of the Home Alone movie. According to IMDB, the film will expand...
Costco wholesale canada warehouse store coronavirus

Costco Vaudreuil Employees Test Positive for COVID-19

On April 8th, the municipality of Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac learned that 2 employees of Costco Vaudreuil have tested positive for COVID-19. The first infected employee worked their last shift on March 31...
Man falls through ice West Island sunday

Woman and dog rescued on video after falling through the ice

Thanks to West Island Blog follower, Pete Michaud for his quick coverage of a woman falling through the ice Sunday afternoon near the corner of Sources Road and St....
40 Westt Catches on fire

Fire Saturday night at 40 Westt has patrons rattled

  Pat DiGiovanni and his wife were just a few of the patrons to be ushered out of the well-known West Island Steakhouse, Forty Westt, this Saturday night, March 7,...
Confirmed Cases by city borough

April 23: Total Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in the Montreal Area

UPDATE, April 23 2020, 1pm: Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases: - Québec: 21 838 - Canada: 42,110 - US: 891K - Worldwide: 2.74M In Québec, to date, 21 838 confirmed cases of COVID‑19, including 1 243 deaths, have been reported. The following...
montreal skyline downtown, city

May 1: Total Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in the Montreal Area

UPDATE, May 1 2020, 1:30 pm: Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases: - Québec: 28 648 - Canada: 54,784 - US: 1.12M - Worldwide: 3.3M In Québec, to date, 28 648 confirmed cases of COVID‑19, including 2 022 deaths, have been reported. The...
Classroom, school, students, chairs, desks

Students and Teachers Test Positive for COVID-19

MONTREAL -- "Quebec's education department says a total of 41 students and teachers have tested positive for COVID-19 since elementary schools outside the Montreal area opened on May 11. A...
Home Alone, Culkin, Movies shot on the West Island

Home Alone to be filmed in the West Island this month

Movie buffs on the West Island are a buzz with rumours that the movie shoot in Beaconsfield this week is for the sequel to the highly famous Home Alone...
Pavilion K Jewish General Hospital

West Island resident awaits results after being tested for COVID-19

An West Island resident, who chose to remain anonymous, was tested for COVID-19 on March 12, after experiencing flu-like symptoms. After travelling to the Caribbean Islands of St. Martin,...

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