Covid Memorial Blanket Canada

Calling all Canadian knitters to help with COVID-19 memorial blanket

0 Three knitters, who happen to work together, have started a countrywide memorial blanket. Heather Breadner, the owner of Aberdeen’s Wool Company, a yarn shop in Lindsay, Ont., says the...
Carmell Pelly

Recovery Advocate, Carmell Pelly’s Indulge in Mocktails is out on Amazon!

0 Enjoy exploring delicious signature mocktails for all seasons. Indulge in a special section of nurturing botanical mocktails to support and balance your body. Carmell Pelly, Podcaster, Author, Recovery Advocate, and...
Pink Porch Light for Breast Cancer

Let your light shine for Breast Cancer by shining pink on your porch this...

PINK OCTOBER 2020: TOGETHER FOR BREAST HEALTH International Breast Cancer Awareness Month officially starts on October 1! With the healthcare system under great strain from the pandemic, people affected by...
West Island Blog, WIB, Rhonda Massad, West Island College, High School

8 things no one tells you about being a parent

Caring for children is never easy. When you’re about to become a parent, you see other parents bossing it and worry that you won’t do the same. Being a...
Rhonda Massad, Montreal Grandma, West Island Blog, Chocolate covered

Canada Day Dipped Chocolate Strawberries

 Canada Day falls the first week of July.  Happily so does strawberry season in Quebec. This is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and the season. Dipping the berries...

Keeping an eye out for your senior neighbours is a win win

Keeping an eye out for your elderly neighbour It can seem that communities are not as strong as they once were, with the rise in technology people tend to stay...
How to cure a stomach ulcer naturally

Three natural remedies that cured my stomach ulcers without realizing it

When you have an ulcer, all you want to know is how to stop the discomfort, pain, nausea and taste in your mouth. How to cure a stomach ulcer...
Four best beaches in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Four best beaches in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

By Rhonda Massad Providenciales, or more commonly known as “Provo”, covers an area of 38 miles and is the most developed island in Turks and Caicos. Found on the western...
St. Anne de Bellevue, Rhonda Massad, François Chartier, Wine, West Island Blog, Jerry Ferrer Europea, Montreal, Jerry Ferrer casse-croûte du terroir

Jerry Ferrer casse-croûte du terroir opens in St. Anne de Bellevue

by Rhonda Massad Another gorgeous summer night on August 4, ushered in the opening of Jerry Ferrer casse-croûte du terroir in St. Anne de Bellevue, the latest from chef Jérôme...
Baby language, Music, Christina Zhao, Rhonda Massad, Health, Montreal Grandma, West Island Blog

Music Might Give Babies’ Language Skills a Boost

Small study suggests an effect, but just how long it may last is unclear By Randy Dotinga As printed in HealthDay Reporter April 25, 2016 Can listening to music boost your baby's...

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