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How to Pay Less For Car Insurance

Car insurance is a must for every sensible car owner. The problem is that its cost is constantly on the rise. Here are 5 tips to help you save...
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Aspects that Make Online Gambling a Brilliant Idea

Casino gambling has been popular over the years. But due to technological changes, online gambling has taken root in the market. The internet has made it possible for gamblers...

What if negotiating your mortgage like crazy might not be such a great idea?

Generally, there are two high seasons to buy(sell) a property. The spring and the fall. That is when you might find yourself shopping for a mortgage and your aim...
Sorareo Steel Scam

Canadians being scammed by fake steel company

By Daniele Iannarone Here at the West Island Blog, even our own Editor, Rhonda Massad, has been receiving what appears to be some lucrative financial opportunities from a company...
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Environmental problems are increasingly coming at the forefront of our lives

How can business coaches help? What training programs should their offer?  Ecological Ideas for Business Training Courses Nowadays, more and more people are considering starting businesses based on “green” technology. Many...
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Unemployment rate surged to 13% in April in Canada

According to statistics Canada, unemployment rate surged to 13% in April in Canada Quebec is the province most affected by job losses; the unemployment rate is 17%. This is the...

The 9 Top Life hacks of Successful Bankers

by Lori Wade Being a banker is not easy as it usually does not allow people to spend enough time with their family and even themselves. Having to spend most...
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Keep Tabs on Employee Health with Exposure Management

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many businesses are looking for ways to keep track of employee health and ensure that anyone exposed gets the proper care. Exposure management is...

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