Getting Older

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

How do you measure a good day to a great day and a great day to an excellent day? For some, a great day might be a day without...

A Perennial Personality

Some people would say I’m a bit boring. I tend to agree. I’m not much of a daring, take big risks kinda person. I like to do the same...
Suzanne Reisler Litwin

Expect the Unexpected

Just when you think everything you planned is going to go this way, it goes that way.  Sometimes that way is the better way. Sometimes it’s not.  Bottom line;...

Gotta Get a Green Thumb

Everyone has a special talent within them.  It might take years to uncover it, but it’s definitely there.  The key is to unlock your talent and utilize it to...
Rain is hope

Rain is Hope

It’s impossible to please everyone.  During the winter, many people complain about the cold temperatures, the snow, and the ice.  I think I am one of the few people...

Create a Life You Don’t Need A Vacation From

I was quite young when I knew what I wanted to be.  The first person I wanted to be was a ballerina!  I wanted to be a ballerina so...

There’s something to be said about experience

There is definitely something to be said about experience.  The more experience you have the better you are prepared for the unimaginable. The other day, I went for my regular...
Mind your own business

Mind Your Own Business

So… I have a friend who asks a gazillion questions.  I told her she should work as a border security guard or as a police interrogator!  She’s excellent at...

What is Real Beauty?

Apricots!  Oh, how I love apricots!!!  My love for apricots developed about 35 years ago.  I was around 20 years old.  That summer, I went to Israel to work...
Suzanne Reisler Litwin

It’s a Crazy Ride

Suddenly, I’m here.  I’m born from this mother and father.  Sister to these siblings. Cousin to these relatives.  I live at this home and go to this school.  I...

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