Time Management Apps

The Best Time Management Apps for Better Work-Life Balance

Time tracking technologies are all about enhancing your productivity and making choices based on facts. The best time management apps will help you keep the right balance between work...
Eating well healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks Better Than Anything for Your Health

You do the best you can to maintain a good shape. You probably exercise, go to recreational swimming or dancing and but kilograms just won’t go away because you...
Glass of Water, Clear, Cool Clean

10 Celebrities Who Say Drinking Is Not Cool Anymore

It’s hard for most people to imagine the life of a celebrity without alcohol. When thinking about celebrity life, images of champagne-soaked parties conjure up in the minds of...

Picking up trash in the West Island

Trash Talk Montreal is a youth run organization dedicated to making a difference in our community. They have removed over 2,150 pounds of trash from the Montreal area and...
white kitchen countertops

How to fix your appliances the right way

  We’ve got lots of appliances sitting in our home, and sooner or later they’d require some repairing touches. The majority of the repairs won’t get you to break a...
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ALL Pointe-Claire properties EXCLUDED from the Flood Zone Decree

Pointe Claire is pleased to inform citizens that as of August 20, all Pointe-Claire properties will be excluded from the flood zone decreed by Québec, under a new draft...

Six Herbs, Six Ways

As printed in Eco Beauty Editor   Look no further than your garden, or your local organic garden centre, for healing herbs that do double duty as ingredients for countless recipes. From...
8 Tips Retirement

8 Steps to Prepare for Retirement

Many of us are at a stage in life where we or someone we know has just retired or are currently considering retirement. Even though there is life beyond...
Stressed Senior

Stressed Caregivers: What To Do?

by Matt Del Vecchio It is estimated that one in four Canadians (more than 8 million people) provide informal care to their family, friend or loved one.  It can, at times,...

Parking or not? Summary of REM public meeting on the West Island

by Karen Cliffe About 500 West island residents, business owners, and elected officials showed up for the REM (Réseau express métropolitain) meeting this past Monday, April 29, at the Holiday...

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