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Properties in area to gain value due to new condo project in Beaconsfield

 By Rhonda Massad An impact study prepared by Valiquette, Martin, Montmarquet, Poissant and Associates (VMMP), suggests a rise in property value for those adjacent to the new Adamus project in...
Got Lice? Itchy Bitsi can help

Got Lice? Itchy Bitsi can help

by Rhonda Massad Back to school means back to the battle against head lice. Fortunately, there is a new way to dispel the little buggers. Newly opened, Itchy Bitsi in...
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By: Candice Minch, Food Allergy blogger Hard to believe that summer is over and classes are  underway soon! As thoughts of September are coming up, (not too soon now) some...
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Mobility a priority at new Adamus condo project

by Rhonda Massad The Adamus condo project located at 205 Alton Drive, in Beaconsfield, has 11 (different)-floor plans available for future customers to choose from.  All of the first level...
Desjardins supports West Island Cancer Wellness Centre,Desjardins, West Island Blog, Rhonda Massad, West Island Cancer Wellness Centre

Desjardins supports West Island Cancer Wellness Centre in time for the big move

by Rhonda Massad With the final months in the little yellow house in Beaconsfield quickly passing, West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC) was happy to receive financial support from Desjardins....
Collecting Art 101 - Basics on collecting art by Robin Rosenberg

Collecting Art 101- Basic on collecting art by expert Robin Rosenberg

By Robin Rosenberg People generally buy art for one or all of the following three reasons: Passion, prestige, and profit. Art offers a truly unique investment opportunity in that, unlike...
Road safety Pointe Claire, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, Morris Trudeau

Pointe Claire engages citizens in road safety campaign

More than 500 homeowners are participating in the road safety awareness campaign by displaying a message in front of their homes encouraging drivers to stay alert to their speed. “This...
Beaconsfield, Dog Run, Angell Woods, West Island Blog, Rhonda Massad, Dogs

Beaconsfield clamps down on dogs off leash

by Rhonda Massad Since the closing of Fresh Meadows golf course countless years ago, the open area of field now belonging to the City of Beaconsfield, sandwiched between the Sunrise...
Light Rail Transit, West Island , West Island Blog, WIB, Rhonda Massad, CDPQ Infra, Montreal,

Light Rail Transit still a dream for the West Island

by Rhonda Massad West Islanders were anxious to come out to the Holiday Inn in Pointe Claire on June 9, to get a more extensive explanation as to the future...

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