Monday, October 18, 2021
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Baking A Cake Goes Along Way

I've been told it's a very old fashion thing that I do. I suppose it is because I haven't heard of anyone doing this for a very long time. Whenever...
Suzanne Reisler Litwin

Foolish Pleasures

by Suzanne Reisler Litwin Last month I had a serious reality check.  I woke up on October 31st and realized it was Halloween. I got a tingly nervous feeling of excitement...
Suzanne Reisler Litwin, Keeping it Real, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog

Timely Time

By: Suzanne Reisler Litwin I have a friend who loves watches.  He studies their faces and appreciates the design and precision. He has a huge watch collection.  This is his...
Suzanne Reisler Litwin


By Suzanne Reisler Litwin Keeping it real - Weekly column West Island Blog So the Doctor tells my Mother and I that my Father has about a year to live at best. Seriously,...

Apple has dropped the ball

by Tim Thompson This post originally appeared on Mango Communications So you probably know that I am an Apple fan. I would take an Apple computer over a PC any day...
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Don’t Gender Me!

By: Suzanne Reisler Litwin My doorbell rang a few times so I ran to answer the door.  It was a man who came to fix our broken furnace.  He...