Mind your own business

Mind Your Own Business

So… I have a friend who asks a gazillion questions.  I told her she should work as a border security guard or as a police interrogator!  She’s excellent at...

6 Ways to Travel More in 2020

Travelling can be a way to relax, explore or reconnect but prices can really interfere with travel plans. Also, sometimes booking vacation time can be difficult, especially when you...
WICS philanthropic women 2019

West Island businesswomen donate $100,000 collectively to support community groups

Ten spectacular West Island women donated $10,000 each to West Island Community Shares (WICS) to participate in their event to end all events. Their $100,000 contribution represents much-needed support...
The Hidden Dangers of Flood Waters, dangers to avoid

Committee seeks your input on how floods impacted your property or business

2019 saw record and near record high water levels in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Basin. With that in mind Canada and the United States created the International...
Assisted dying

Letter to the Editor: A West Islander’s Take on Assisted Dying

Submitted by Francis Winters Canada has an ageing population; my generations’ parents are reaching their final years whether we want to admit it or not.  Modern medicine can and has extended...
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CANCELLATION of road closures for this weekend on HWY 40

By: Julie Bourbeau In a recent Minister of Transport website update road users are being advised of the postponement of the exceptional closings in the interchange area of highways 13...
5 fun things to do during your retirement

5 Fun Things to Do After Retirement

After working for decades, here comes the end of your hard part. You have spent a lifetime working hard, fulfilling responsibilities, and taking care of your family. Initially, you...
Man falls through ice West Island sunday

Woman and dog rescued on video after falling through the ice

Thanks to West Island Blog follower, Pete Michaud for his quick coverage of a woman falling through the ice Sunday afternoon near the corner of Sources Road and St....
Mediterranean Lebanese Spinach Salad Cooked with onions

Cooked Mediterranean spinach salad with fried onions

To reduce pain-causing inflammation, I have removed gluten and dairy from my diet. A Mediterranean style diet has some delicious recipes to make the transition pretty seamless. It takes...
West Island Gym Fitness Where to Workout

West Island Gyms You Need to Try

Where to Workout in the West Island About a month ago we asked our West Island Blog Facebook community to share their top West Island gym and fitness center recommendations....

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