homemade pita

Sherene’s Homemade Pita

What a great time to try a new and easy recipe. Thank you to Sherene for this easy pita recipe.  Sherene used the stovetop while I used the...
Kaak, Sweet Easter Bread, Kaak

Sweet Easter Bread or Ka’ek for the upcoming feast

Easter is almost here.  One of my favourite treats is Ka'ek or Easter Sweet Bread.  We just can't get enough of it in our house. This recipe is from...
Mediterranean Lebanese Spinach Salad Cooked with onions

Cooked Mediterranean spinach salad with fried onions

To reduce pain-causing inflammation, I have removed gluten and dairy from my diet. A Mediterranean style diet has some delicious recipes to make the transition pretty seamless. It takes...
Christmas Dream Cake

White Christmas Dream Cake

Maybe it's the two Christmas tree lighting ceremonies I've attended, or maybe it's all the snow on the ground but boy oh boy is it beginning to look a...
Meatloaf everyone will love

How about a meatloaf everyone will love?

Meatloaf is a mainstay in many of the kitchens. It's sweet, comfy stuff that's difficult to mess. If the recipe is simple, soothing and modern, meatloaf will be a...
The Jewish Holiday Baker, Joan Nathan, Heavenly Apple Cake, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, Desert, Holiday Baking, Apples

Heavenly Apple Cake

 As published in The Jewish Holiday Baker, by Joan Nathan. I love apple cake and this is a good one.  Sweet yet not too sweet.  It is a breakfast favorite in...
Grilled peaches

Grilled peaches with ice cream

The peaches are finally here!! Nothing quite like a fresh peach that has not travelled a zillion miles to get here and has that odd texture that I can...
Canada Day Desserts

10 delicious desserts to make this Canada Day

These red and white delicious Canada Day desserts will have you saying Oooooh Canada! Flag Cake This cake has made an appearance at many a Canada Day party. Whipped-cream, Jell-O strawberries...
Fresh Produce

10 Tips for Keeping Produce Fresher Longer

Wasted food puts a strain on our budget and forces us to shop more often. What causes produce to spoil quickly? Ethylene gas is produced normally by fruits and vegetables as...
Koosa bi Laban

Koosa – Stuffed Summer Squash

Koosa is the Arabic word for Squash. In my parents home growing up we had two very distinct cultures blending my father’s Lebanese-Syrian culture and my mother’s British culture.  The...

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