Police, cessna plane crash

Police arrest 26 -year-old woman for murder of Laval man

Police arrested a 26-year-old woman is under arrest for the slaying of a 53-year-old man in Laval this Thursday. Police would not confirm if she is the man’s daughter. Police...
Fire In Ile Bizard electric car

Electric car explodes in Ile Bizard home Friday

Residents of two bungalows on Montigny Street, L'Île-Bizard,  were unable to return to their homes on Friday after the violent explosion of an electric car that was in the...

Road closures for July 26 weekend. It is going to be a DOOZY!

Mobility Montréal will be doing major road work over the weekend starting July 26. Closures include Route 136 and Highway 20 in a westerly direction between the Turcot and Saint-Pierre...
Best of the West

Rhonda’s Best of the West – August 2019

August is that month of the year that kind of just sneaks up on you. After the St-Jean Baptiste and Canada Day celebrations, summer gets rolling and then next...

Two West Islanders to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro to Raise Funds for South African Daycare

Thomas Prévost 22, and Roderick Mackinnon 22 will embark on a seven-day hike up the highest mountain in Africa, July 24— to raise awareness and funds for an early...

Special Planning Zone – Government of Quebec discharges its responsibility to municipalities

The Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro deplores and denounces the lack of communication and support by the Government of Québec in the processing of requests for revision of the Special Planning...

Seven Secrets to Rejuvenate Your Muscles at 50+

Muscle is easy to lose as we age, as we have to work harder to build and maintain it. Age-related muscle loss, or sarcopenia, is something everyone likely encounters...

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

At 6:30 PM this evening, Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the following regions: Huntingdon area Soulanges area Valleyfield - Beauharnois area The storm that they are currently...
desktop email

Understanding the Benefits of a Desktop Email Client

Which is better: a desktop email client or webmail? Haven’t we heard this question so many times that we are ill at ease whenever it pops up? We might be,...

Comprehensive list of measles outbreaks in the Montreal and Laval areas since end June...

Cases of measles were reported in the greater Montreal area since the end 2019, has been listed by the Quebec health department's website . People who are considered contagious visited...

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