ADHD support group on the West Island

ADHD support group opens on the West Island

By Rhonda Massad Children with attention deficit hyper disorder, ADHD, have some very positive attributes like unlimited energy, playfulness, honesty and optimism. There are attributes that are more challenging for...
TMR gets new app

TMR launches new app, era

By Joel Ceausu The Town of Mount Royal has launched a new method to communicate with residents, and a new era in civic notifications. The city’s govillemo web app lets townies...
Baie D'Urfé milk weed garden

Baie d’Urfé environment committee takes rejuvenation seriously

By Rhonda Massad Baie d’Urfé environment committee member Robert Brown took the initiative to plant a milkweed garden in hopes that the monarch butterfly would eventually return to breed. “I had...
language laws

For Justice to be done….

By Beryl Wajsman Editor-in-Chief It is not often that one can state clearly that a government initiative is unconditionally right and just. But we can do so this week. The news...

What would you do in the event of an chemical explosion in a near...

by Rhonda Massad Here is a link explaining that residents living within a certain radius of a nuclear plant in Canada need to have pills to protect them from nuclear...

What school board list are you on?

By Rhonda Massad with files from Robert Frank Voters have until Oct. 14 to make sure they are registered on the school board list of their choice for the upcoming Nov....

Chemistry expert concerned about draft pesticide bylaw

“Knee-jerk response to Emerald Ash Borer problem” By Robert Frank Chemist and materials expert Fred Ablenas has questioned Beaconsfield’s push to have the city and private property owners inject tens of...
Angell Woods Beaconsfield

Angell Woods landowners still waiting to negotiate

By Kevin Woodhouse and Robert Frank At the last Beaconsfield council meeting, Mayor Georges Bourelle told the assembled that most of the expansive Angell Woods green space will “remain private...
Caroline Tison And Francesca Corso

Rhonda’s Round Up

By Rhonda Massad Knights of Columbus Charity BBQ The newly formed Knight of Columbus Lakeshore Council hosted a full house of more than 170 parishioners and friends on Sept. 21. The...
Novartis Breat Cancer Awareness Month

Novartis gets a visit from the big pink bus

October is breast cancer awareness month By Rhonda Massad October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month and to get things rolling a bit early this year Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada welcomed the Virée...

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