Laval environmental council meets on EAB crisis

By Rhonda Massad The Laval Regional Environmental Council (ERC) will hold a roundtable on the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), April 23. The exercise will be held during Earth Week to...
Rain Catchers

Ron’s Real Estate Report – An Effective Green Strategy

Like many others, you are probably are doing more than ever before to preserve the environment.  April is an excellent month for adding a new means of supporting sustainable...
Riverdale High School Ewaste

Riverdale High tackles E-waste

by Jim Morrison The basement halls of Riverdale High School resembled a factory, at a recent open house, as dozens of student workers were busy at labour, recycling computer systems...
Ash trees to come down

Beaconsfield offers discount on EAB pesticide treatment

By Kevin Woodhouse No help for citizens who want to cut trees instead The city of Beaconsfield is offering citizens who have ash trees on their property and who will have...

Beaconsfield Councillor not convinced on the long term impact of Tree Azin on the...

by Rhonda Massad In their February, public council meeting the city of Beaconsfield voted to puchase more than $400,000 worth of Tree Azin, a class four bio-pesticide, to ward off...
Contaminated Creek St. James Creek Beaconsfield

Health department recommends residents avoid contact with St. James Creek

By Kevin Woodhouse Following a contamination of the St. James Creek resulting from the backup of a pumping station in Kirkland in late summer, the Montreal Public Safety agency studied...

Chemistry expert concerned about draft pesticide bylaw

“Knee-jerk response to Emerald Ash Borer problem” By Robert Frank Chemist and materials expert Fred Ablenas has questioned Beaconsfield’s push to have the city and private property owners inject tens of...

Will we be saying goodbye to our Ash trees?

by Rhonda Massad In the early 1900’s there was the chestnut blight, an exotic pathogen that altered the hardwood forest forever. A few decades later Dutch elm disease, an exotic...
EAB Tree Azin Injections in Ash Tree

Beaconsfield EAB bylaw allows inspectors on private property

‘We don’t abuse the privilege,’ Director general Patrice Boileau By Kevin Woodhouse In order for the city of Beaconsfield to correctly assess the number of ash trees within its territory, the city’s...
Emerald Ash Borer takes our Ash Trees

Emerald Ash Borer brings Beaconsfield residents out to city hall

by Rhonda Massad I attended the Emerald Ash Tree town hall meeting in Beaconsfield last night.  There was a short presentation about the deadly emerald ash borer that will wreak...

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