[Gallery] Montreal Technoparc’s enchanting Wildlife

Foto Yoco ( Redha YACOUBI) Jonathan Poissant Copyright Lucille Shiro Copyright Lucille Shiro Copyright Lucille Shiro Daniel Hamel Wayne William Archibald Graham Eady Graham Eady Graham Eady Graham Eady Graham Eady Eddie the Red-Tailed Hawk, Montreal Technoparc and wetlands'...

5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Daily Waste

Between Canada’s newly announced ban on 6 problematic plastics and the government’s plan to be zero-waste by 2030, it’s the perfect time to begin making tweaks in your lifestyle...

Canada’s Plastic Ban: Say goodbye to these 6 problematic plastics in 2021

At the end of 2021, Canada will join the ranks of over 35 countries around the world who have already taken action by banning certain single-use plastics, including the...
Lachine Marina

Lachine Marina boat owners to call on authorities to help save their beloved marina

It has recently been announced that the Lachine Marina will be transformed into a massive waterfront park that will be accessible to residents and the general public. However, many...
Second heatwave

Another heatwave set to hit Montreal tomorrow

Brace yourselves, the second heatwave of the year starts tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17th and will last until Saturday, June 20th. Temperatures are expected to rise 35 and 37 degrees Celcius...
Pointe-Claire, QC

High water levels – Cartier Ave. & Edgewater parking lot closed

UPDATE - Tuesday April 14th 2020 - 1:00pm : Cartier Avenue parking lot is open and Edgewater is just partially closed because there was still lots of water in...
Clean the World soap organization

Saving Lives One Bar of Soap at a Time!

Ever wonder what happens to that unfinished bar of soap left behind in your hotel room? You would be surprised to know that it may be given a second...
Pointe Claire waste

Pointe Claire turn waste into dollars, $750,000 in grants for proper waste sorting

Pointe-Claire residents can proudly say they have sorted their waste into dollars. A total of $764,680 in grants have been paid to the city for 2019 thanks to their...
The rate of infections can be reduced by 50% with proper hand hygiene.


0   Our hands can harbour millions of germs, most of which are harmless. However, practising good hand hygiene can prevent some pathogens from spreading. These germs can cause infections requiring...
Celebrity Cruise green initiative

Eco friendly Celebrity cruises

Eco friendly Celebrity cruises are going really green. From composting to bamboo disposable dishes this cruise line takes green seriously.  I was very impressed when I saw everything from...

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